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Whether you need to buy terpenes for CBD, THC, or any other Topical, Edible and/or Beverage product infusions, we've got you covered. Here at Peak Supply Co, we offer the best online terpenes for sale at the absolute best prices hands down. Buy Wholesale Terpenes with ease and confidence from a trusted terpene supplier like us!

Peak Supply Co specializes in extensive B2B large scale wholesale ordering while offering efficient delivery management solutions with scalability in mind.  Want maximum savings? Enjoy increased volume discounts with our all in one bulk savings solutions for Terpenes, Vape Cartridges, Mixing/Filling Supplies, and Packaging Manufacturing/Design. We have invested heavily in our top-tier full-spectrum quality control with the quickest ship times for Terpene White Label/Private Label Partners, Dropshippers, AffiliatesResellers, Retailers, ExtractorsDistributors, and Manufacturers.

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Buy Affordable Terpenes Online

Peak Supply Co is proud to provide the most affordable terpene oils online. Need more than just savings? With our Peak Performance guarantee, we've got you covered! Not only are we one of the most trusted and affordable terpene websites online but we will also provide unparalleled organically sourced top quality food grade terpene strain profiles, shipping consistency, and unmatched customer service when ordering in bulk at wholesale pricing. Don't waste your time and money on unverified suppliers selling synthetic non-plant-derived terpenes or "cannabis terpenes". We are one of the only trusted suppliers offering bulk savings on REAL 100% terpene strain profiles and supplies. Our terpenes are tried and true 100% pure terps from isolate to strain profile. You've tried the rest now try the absolute best!


Terpenes For Sale 

Peak Supply Co offers one of the largest strain specific terpene inventories and bulk terpene isolate selections for sale online. We release new strains every week making our company the one stop shop for your terpene needs. We take pride in bringing nothing but the best for our clients which is why we are THE ONLY company online with a product guarantee. You wouldn't buy anything without a guarantee that it would work, so why would you lower your standards when it comes to your companies products?


We believe that a quick and consistent ordering process is one of the most important factors when buying terpenes online. All of our products are created using the latest tech and standard operating procedures that surpass the industry's best practices. Our terpene standards are the most strict in the industry guaranteeing 0% THC, 0% CBD, and 100% contaminant free, period. Pure terpene isolates at the molecular level have the exact same chemical make up no matter which plant they are derived from. To learn more about the difference between Cannabis-derived terpenes versus Plant-derived terpenes click HERE.


Consistent & Quick Ship Times 

FREE SHIPPING ON ALL USA ORDERS AND SELECT COUNTRIES! We ship all products within 1-3 business days but consistently ship orders within 24 hours. With USPS being our standard domestic shipping provider. Orders under $75 receive first class shipping and orders over $75 receive priority shipping. You can enjoy lightning-fast deliveries straight to your door. Choosing priority shipping speeds over ground means many customers will be enjoying our terpene products within 3 business days from ordering within the US. We strive to provide products using secure and discreet packaging to ensure your products arrive safe and without scrutiny.


We do not skimp on packaging materials and always ship single piece orders, retail, wholesale, and bulk terpene products in heavy-duty smell proof bags to prevent spillage and curious noses with plenty of cushion for the occasional bumpy courier transits. Order with confidence knowing that your products will arrive in one safe and smell proof piece.


Full-Service Solution

Here at Peak Supply Co, we offer big brands, startups, and serious home-based entrepreneurs alike a wide range of services and products to make your concept soar with efficiency. By pairing our in house design services with our top-notch manufacturing facility, clients can quickly and easily place orders for all their design, manufacturing, branding, packaging, bulk terpene, and wholesale cartridge needs in one place at one time. Manufacturing out of the largest American Owned facility with 2 satellite locations we are built for scalability. Companies ready to play in the big leagues can do so with the comfort of knowing that they are working with a company designed to support rapid growth. Want to White Label Terpenes for resell? By becoming a distribution, affiliate, dropship or white label terpene partner you can take advantage of low pricing and huge margins in as little as 24 hours.  Check out our Partner page and start your terpene business today!


Savings From Start To Finish

Not only will you save valuable time and money by working with a single source manufacturing provider, but you will save thousands upon thousands of dollars by bundling our multiple products and services into one order. We offer even bigger savings to those who have made the choice to simplify their ordering process by manufacturing all their brand and product needs under one roof.

Looking for Bulk & Wholesale Vape Cartridges? Are you tired of ordering faulty, damaged or leaky cartridges from China? Look no further. Here at Peak Supply Co, we offer the industries only GUARANTEE on wholesale vape cartridges. Don't waste your time and money on bulk vape cartridges that haven't been put through vigorous and strict quality assurance tests just to save literally a few cents.


We are the only wholesale cartridge manufacturer that can offer a 100% no fuss replacement guarantee on our products. Contact us for wholesale vape cartridge orders for MASSIVE DISCOUNTS. Order cartridges online with confidence.




I have tried your viscosity booster and it is hands down the best liquidizer. Candy Land and  London Pound Cake are my favorites! 


Seriously I've been in this for many years and worked with multiple companies. Your package design and carts made my finished product perfect. I love it! Exactly what I needed.


Extremely happy with the service and product! Best all in one company for terps and packaging. Thank you for making my life easier!


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NOTICE: 100% THC & CBD FREE products. Our Products DO NOT CONTAIN Cannabis or Hemp.
All Terpenes are sold as natural flavor & aroma enhancers and are intended for use in many types of products from food to perfume.