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Meet the Cure-Egg

Every year millions of dollars worth of hemp and cannabis flower are unable to be sold resulting in overstocked product and decreased margins. This wasted product costs the entire supply chain to lose valuable profit with farmers being the most severely affected. The Cure-Egg aims to solve this issue by offering the first flower reclamation solution that not only rehydrates your flower but also revitalizes and restores its terpene profile. The Cure-Egg can increase the shelf life of at-risk products and provide a way for companies and end-users to enhance the aroma and flavors of their products through Cure-Eggs patent pending rapid two way rehydration and terpene infusion system. Discover how to infuse terpenes into cannabis or hemp flower without the use of sprays, dips, washes or complicated terpene infusion processes that take up more time than they are worth. The days of converting flower to high cost yield oil that lacks a potent terpene profile are over. Take advantage of our exclusive partnership with Cure-Egg and get it before everyone else does!


Why do you need it?

Terpenes are arguably the most delicate oils naturally found in hemp and cannabis or any other plant for that matter. When the plant is still alive is when the terpene, flavonoid, thiol and other plant oils are at their aromatic peak and are easily noticeable to anyone within earshot. This is why you can often smell cannabis during harvest season when driving by a farm or grow. You may not be able to see the grow itself, but you know it is there. While Live Terpenes smell most potent during the flowering phase, terpene degradation starts immediately after the buds are cut from the stem. The curing stage allows for the terpene profile to mature but even during this process, terpene potency will continue to weaken to some degree. But why? This happens because terpene oils, especially the most pleasant ones found in tiny amounts tend to have low temperature tolerance thresholds and evaporation levels. In short, they are extremely sensitive to heat and open air. And while its pleasant to smell the flower in your jar - leaving the jar lid off causes the terpenes to escape as your flower continues to dry in the open air slowly destroying its terpene profile. This is why you should always keep your bud stored in an airtight container instead of a bag that allows the air and terpenes from inside the bag to slowly leak out. It's no secret that flower with rich terpene profiles fetch top dollar in dispensaries and across the globe but what about the flower that doesn't get sold immediately after harvest? If you look below you will see the timeline of terpene degradation over the course of 12 months.


As you can see the terpene profile of hemp and cannabis flower rapidly degrades exponentially over the duration of a 12 month period until just a hint of the original terpene profile is left - which often renders the smell unrecognizable. In addition to terpene degradation, the moisture content of flower over time will also decline. This is why flower that is over a year old often smells like grass and is extremely dry and can turn to dust in your hands. With the Cure-Egg not only do you get to add the terpenes back into your flower through its terpene restoration capabilities but you can also take advantage of the Cure-Egg's rapid rehydration feature. The rapid rehydration process can turn unappealing dry and crumbly bud into fluffy nugs that can be squeezed and spring back to form. With the Cure-Egg you can restore the terpene profile or change the profile completely of your Cannabis/Hemp biomass, flower, or shake for pre-rolls in 3 easy steps. 

What does the Cure-Egg do?



Give your material a top-shelf nose or alter the terpene profile of your biomass and flower completely in as little as 24 hours




Our Rapid Rehydration formula will turn crumbly herb into soft & fluffy buds. This  Patent-Pending two-way Rapid Rehydration formula offers a safe and gentle way to quickly increase moisture content below the 70% humidity mold-growth threshold



How the Cure-Egg Works

Revitalizing the aroma and flavor profile of your flower has never been so easy. You'll simply twist Cure Egg open, drop  the Cure-Egg into an airtight container with your flower and give it 24-72 hours to rehydrate and re-infuse terpenes to your product. It's minimal and smart design offers complete control over your end product

Available Profiles


Contact us for custom Cure-Egg profiles.

More profiles to come!

Benefits of Cure Egg


100% contactless Aroma and Flavor infusion. No sprays, dips, washes or nasty chemicals.


Made with Botanical, Hemp & Cannabis-derived terpenes, flavonoids, thiols & Natural Flavors.


Superior design that offers a tough build while being gentle on buds. *patent pending


Easy to use rapid infusion with no messy beads, liquids or clean up. Rehydrate and Infuse in as little as 24 hours


Food-grade materials and all Natural ingredients are safe for infusion right out of the bag. 


Learn More and Get Notified

Cure Egg is a revolutionary and disruptive product currently in its Beta Test Phase. To learn more, sign up to be a beta tester, or to be a future distributer, please visit Cure Egg's Contact Us Page

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