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Design & Manufacturing for Cannabis, CBD, HHC, THC-P & Delta 8 Packaging

Beautiful packaging not only makes your product stand out from the crowd but it lets your customers know who you are and why they should buy your product.

Boost your sales and wow your clientele with professional hassle-free custom packaging that will be sure to leave a lasting impression. Focus on your business and leave the design and production to us!


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Cannabis and Hemp Packaging with no limitations.

With over 15 years of experience in packaging and branding let your imagination run wild and let us do the heavy lifting. Here at Peak Supply Co, we offer dozens of standard Cannabis and Hemp product Packaging styles for those looking to take a more traditional route. Whether you need Vape Cartridge Packaging, Flower packaging, Concentrate Packaging, or Food and Tincture Packaging we have the perfect solution for you. Our packaging production process is as easy and streamlined as possible to make creating your packaging as stressfree and fun as possible. Each client will get a start to finish walkthrough of the project and its progress complete with digital and physical mock-ups for viewing and approval before moving to the next steps.


Check out some of our beautiful style options below. For Adventurous companies and entrepreneurs, we are one of the only Cannabis Packaging companies that can offer premium and exotic packaging. No idea is too complex or too demanding for our top-notch design and manufacturing staff. We love a challenge and if you can dream it, we can do it. Contact us and get your project started today!

This Cannabis Vape Cartridge Packaging features a beautiful wrap-around graphic with a slide-out drawer for easy access. Available in both Child-Resistant and easy access packaging styles for both Cannabis and CBD brands. Catch your ideal customer's eyes with Custom Foil Stamping or a UV spot raise which adds an extra dimension of creativity and style.

This Cannabis Vape Cartridge Packaging features a sleek box with a repeating UV spot raise background pattern reminiscent of high-end brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton with a slide-out drawer for easy access. Available in both Child-Resistant and easy access packaging styles for both Cannabis and CBD brands. With a colorful strain-specific foil stamp each box will special just like the product inside.

Childproof packaging is a must for any Cannabis company in a regulated state. Because of increasing cannabis regulation we've seen a huge uptick in demand for Child-Resistant cannabis packaging. This Childproof feature can be implemented in nearly any style of box packaging. Get your company up to code with our Cannabis and Hemp Child Proof packaging options. 

Exotic styles of packaging for Cannabis or CBD vapes, flowers, or edibles have arrived. Your product will demand a 2nd look with our unique packaging styles and templates. This packaging features an original show-stopping pyramid shape which can be unfolded to reveal a cartridge held in a plush mold or a jar with your brand flower or edibles. 90% of all product purchases are made subconsciously and beautiful and unique packaging plays the biggest role. Break free from the standard box styles and give your product the packaging it deserves.

Tube packaging can serve many products and functions. This style of Cannabis and CBD product packaging is most commonly used for vape cartridges, pre-rolls, rolled leaf cigars, blunts, and samples. Not only is this packaging a great inexpensive option for new businesses, but it is also extremely durable and portable making it perfect for products being sold as impulse buys or on the go essentials. contact us today to get your packaging product started and your product on the shelves.

Blister Pack Packaging is a great solution for companies that prioritize cost, packaging size and ease of use over elaborate packaging styles. This vape cartridge packaging features a clamshell-style blister pack with an adhesive strip on the back panel. To fill, simply load in the cartridge, pull off the adhesive strip cover, and fold in half for a tight seal. This packaging also has a built-in tamper-evident feature as once the packaging is sealed and closed, it must be ripped in order to be opened. In addition, this style of vape cartridge packaging is extremely versatile as it can utilize foil stamping, UV spot raise, embossing, and/or Holographic features. Buy them in bulk with the option for a store ready transport and display box which can hold up to 25 units per box.

This packaging is another great low-cost option for new Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp Companies looking for a quick and easy packaging solution. Because of its minimalist template, you can enjoy quick turn around times for design and manufacturing. No folding or assembly required, simply drop the product into the easy to load foil bags and seal the bag with a heat or heat and vacuum sealer to complete the packaging process. Not only can you use this packaging for vape cartridges but, it can also be used for flower, edibles, and concentrates with an option for a store ready display box. Higher volume operations can also purchase a filling machine that makes filling and sealing by the thousands a breeze. 

Exotic packaging styles are a great way to bring a unique flair to your brand and products. Exotic packaging stands out on store shelves and in your customer's hands. Here at Peak Supply Co sky is the limit when it comes to producing eye-catching home run packaging for your top-shelf products. We have no limitations on exotic packaging, if you can think it, we can bring it to life and make it a reality. These packaging options are a perfect fit for any company that wants their packaging to be as one of a kind as their products. The banner above shows an example of a unique template we have previously created but you will have the option to create something specific to your brand designed with your exact product in mind.


Our most affordable packaging style yet! Enjoy larger margins and lower start-up costs for your new company. Because of its cost efficiency, this packaging is a great option for new Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp brands in newly legal states. This packaging can come with or without a product window and can utilize Foil Stamping, Holographic, UV Spot Raise, and/or Embossing. To save on costs even further, we can design and produce multiple strain labels that can be applied to the box itself instead of having to get multiple boxes designed requiring you to produce thousands of each variation. Ex: Simply Stoned packaging has 1 box style and 20 label variations. 


Custom Paper, Plastic, or Mylar bag packaging is always in style and a great option for small and large scale operations. Because Bags can be packed flat these products are inexpensive to ship and do not require large amounts of space. Use bags for Flower, Concentrates, Edibles, Tinctures or as an extra layer of packaging for any of your products. We offer custom Cannabis, Hemp, CBD and Delta 8 designs and layouts to fit all product categories. Have an unusual size requirement? No problem! Buy custom cannabis bag packaging to meet all your company needs using our stream lined design and production process. These products are made in the USA and have much quicker turn around times than other companies shipping from China. Contact us to get a quote today! 

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