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Where to Find The Best Terpenes in Los Angeles 

Trying to find out where the best terpenes in Los Angeles are found? Look no further than Peak Supply Co. Between our fast, friendly service, quality, un-cut products, product guarantees, and return policies, there’s no reason to head all the way downtown for your bulk and wholesale terpene needs. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Los Angeles Terpenes 

It’s never been more important to find Los Angeles terpenes. Los Angeles is home to many different industries that rely on terpenes and their uses to conduct business and compete with other brands in flavor, aroma, and effects of their products. 


Terpenes are the aromatic and flavor compounds found in all plants on earth, including cannabis. They’re used as scent and flavor enhancers in a plethora of different products in all sorts of different industries and can boost the effects of products thanks to the synergistic relationship they share with other terpenes and compounds. 


That’s why shopping only for the best terpenes in LA is so vitally important. Terpenes can take products in a variety of industries to the next level when they’re made with quality in mind. With that said, our terpene isolates, blends, and strain profiles are extracted from all-natural food-grade fruit, flower, and nut oils in our state-of-the-art facility. With our proprietary extraction and refinement method, we remove plant materials and any leftover impurities, leaving behind the purest and best-tasting terpene products in Los Angeles. 

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Downtown Los Angeles Terpenes

If you’ve shopped for terpenes in LA before, you’re probably already familiar with the unpleasant experiences of shopping for them in downtown LA. Between unkempt, dirty warehouses, video surveillance, and rude, inpatient service, the whole experience feels like shopping on the black market. Most of the time, terpene providers in downtown Los Angeles won’t even let you smell the products you’re considering buying; many of which have been reported to be cut and impure. All of these businesses are operated by the same handful of families, and they get enough business that they don’t have to be nice to you, nor do they have to offer return policies or defect guarantees. 


People travel hours across the state to buy terpenes in downtown LA thinking it’s the only option for these products in Los Angeles altogether. But little do they know that Peak Supply is in Hollywood and can save you a long trip to one of the seediest parts of the city. With reports of the quality going down in downtown LA anyway, it’s a good time to explore different options and save yourself a headache or two. 


Best Terpenes in Los Angeles — Peak Supply Co. 

If you’re heading into the city looking for Los Angeles terpenes, Peak Supply has you covered. Our terpenes are held to stringent purity and testing standards and formulated using only organic ingredients. We offer the best terpenes in Los Angeles, and as you can expect, they make for better scents, flavors, and effects. 


Everything we produce comes with the Peak Performance guarantee that states that all of our products taste, smell, and work as intended or your money back. We even have a replacement guarantee against leaks, whether it’s your fault or a factory defect. You can find everything here from terpene isolates and blends to custom formulations, cartridges, mixing and filling supplies, cannabis and hemp terpenes, diluents and thickeners, and water-soluble products. More importantly, we offer the best wholesale pricing in Los Angeles.  


Our reviews speak for themselves. Those that try Peak Supply Co keep coming back again and again. Unlike most of the terpene stores in Los Angeles or in downtown LA, Peak Supply Co offers:  


  • The best organic product quality and customer service 

  • Clean, comfortable shopping experience 

  • Low prices and high-quality products 

  • A variety of different products and filling supplies to suit most industries 

  • No cuts, fillers, or impurities 

  • The opportunity to smell and sample products 

  • Product replacement guarantees 

  • Return policies 

  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff  

  • 2 convenient locations in Hollywood and Sacramento 

  • Bulk, wholesale, and small order fulfillment 

  • Free shipping 

  • and More! 


If you’re interested in learning more about our wholesale and retail opportunities in Los Angeles, be sure to get in touch with us directly to get started. If any of these opportunities stick out to you, be sure to email us at to learn more. 

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