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Backwoods Terpene Flavors

Backwoods Terpenes are specially formulated to represent the taste and smell of a variety of different Backwoods cigar wrappers. Backwoods are unique because they are made with a single tobacco leaf, which adds a warm spicy sensation to the cigar itself. The tobacco leaf is then infused with flavoring to create a special flavor and smell when the cigar is burned. At Peak Supply Co, we’ve captured that smokey tobacco essence of the Backwoods blunt wrap and isolated it into its own terpene profile. From there, we simply add terpenes to match the flavor reminiscent of the specific Backwoods - like Honey Bourbon. Our Backwoods Terpenes taste just like the real thing, even down to the sweet and nutty flavor of the tobacco. Great for exotic botanical infusions, extracts, and tinctures. Currently, our Backwoods line includes national favorites like Russian Cream, Honey Bourbon, Banana, and Grape. Keep an eye out for new flavors periodically! 


Russian Cream Backwoods Terpenes

Grape Backwoods Terpenes

Russian Cream is one of the most popular Backwoods flavors available. It offers a velvety and silky mouthfeel as well as a delicate creaminess that pairs nicely with most sweet and earthy cannabis strains. Our Russian Cream Backwoods terpenes are formulated to create the unique flavors you’ve come to know and love without sacrificing the unique mouthfeel. Like all of our terpenes, it’s made with only 100% natural plant-derived terpenes and no cutting agents.


Flavors: earthy, creamy, tobacco

“What would you do for a grape backwoods?” set the Twittersphere on fire a few months back when Instagrammer @officialhollywoods posed the simple question. Grape Backwoods are unavailable in the United States and have developed a serious cult following all over the world. If you’ve ever had the chance to try a grape Backwoods, you’re definitely expecting a sweet, grapey kick that adds overwhelming flavor to whatever you’re smoking. Our Grape Backwoods terpenes are as close to the real thing as you can get without traveling out of the country and taste great in any cannabis extraction or infusion.


Flavors: sweetness, grapes, tobacco


Banana Backwoods Terpenes

Honey Bourbon Backwoods Terpenes

Banana Backwoods are one of the most highly sought wraps out there. They are considered rare and exotic since they aren’t available in the US. Our Banana Backwoods terpenes make it possible to try this unique flavor for yourself without having to travel out of the country. If you’re lucky enough to have tried a Banana Backwoods before, you’ll be blown away by how exact our terpenes are in flavor to the real thing.


Flavors: sweetness, banana, tobacco

One of the most popular Backwoods flavors available is Honey Bourbon due to its lush, dense flavor and sharp scent. Our Honey Bourbon Backwoods terpenes offer the essence of the warm, soothing sensation of bourbon as well as the sweetness of honey. You can also find a hint of tobacco, allowing our terpenes to taste just like the Honey Bourbon Backwoods blunt wrap.

Flavors: sweet, warm, tobacco



Cannabis is a growing culture, and that culture often glamorizes the use of blunts and blunt wraps. When was the last time you saw Snoop Dogg without a blunt perched behind his ear? Rappers like Waka Flocka Flame, Future, Busta Rhymes, and Fetty Wap swear by Backwoods cigars for their cannabis products, and their loyal followers are happy to agree. Backwoods are cigars made from an all-natural tobacco leaf that is infused with some of the best flavors on the market. They are significantly larger than pressed Swisher, Dutch, or White Owl wraps. They come filled with tobacco but can be gently unrolled and refilled with cannabis to make for a uniquely flavorful, slow-burning way to enjoy cannabis socially. Backwoods are quickly becoming the go-to blunt wrap due to their many unique flavor profiles that can help to elevate your smoke sesh. If you like the taste of tobacco products and flavored blunt wraps, you’ll love Backwoods cigars.

What are Backwoods?

Backwoods are cigars that you can buy at almost any convenience store or gas station. They come in a variety of different flavors, like Honey Berry, Cherry, Black n’ Sweet, and Russian Cream. There are also several flavors that you can’t get in the US, like Banana, Grape, Port, and Wild Rum. While they still taste good as tobacco-filled cigars (if you’re into that), they are most often used with cannabis in the form of a blunt wrap. Backwoods are unique because they are made from a single tobacco leaf, so you don’t have to gut it in order to roll it into a blunt. You simply unravel the leaf carefully, refill it with your cannabis, and roll it back up. With a Backwoods blunt wrap, you can expect a much larger though slightly flimsier blunt wrap that is capable of holding up to an 1/8th of ground cannabis flowers.

Lost in the Woods Terpenes by Peak Supply Co

Peak Supply Co is happy to announce our newest line of all-natural terpene flavors, Lost in the 'Woods. Our Lost in the 'Woods flavors are reverse engineered much like our strain-specific terpenes to taste and smell like Backwoods blunt wraps. The unique flavor profiles are made with 100% terpenes only and contain no cuts and no fillers. They come in several different flavors, including the rare exotic flavors that are currently unavailable in the US, like Banana and Grape. Our Backwoods flavors are only made in small batches and are heavily scrutinized for irregularities to ensure the highest quality for our customers. Best of all, any flavors that don't match the flavor profiles of the real thing don't get sold. By adding Lost in the 'Woods flavors to
your distillate, vape cartridges, CBD/THC tinctures, food, beverages (and more!), you can expect your products to taste just like a Backwoods wrap, right down to the tobacco leaf terpenes.

Key Features:

- Made with all natural plant-derived terpenes

- Contains NO cannabinoids

- Contains NO cuts or fillers 

- Food grade

- Mixes completely 

- Easy to combine with extracts and infusions 

- Tastes just like a flavored Backwoods blunt wrap 

- Discounts when you buy in bulk

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