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How Many Terpenes Are in a Gram of Concentrates?

If you make your own concentrates or if you're just looking for a good rule of thumb for adding terpenes to your own vape cartridges, you're probably wondering just how many terpenes should go into a gram of hash oil. Here's everything you need to know.

How Many Terpenes Are in a Gram of Concentrates? by peak supply co

How many terpenes are in a gram of concentrates?

Cannabis flowers only contain about 2% to 5% terpenes and up to 30% THC. The rest is other cannabinoids, lipids, oils, and other natural plant materials. But when it comes to concentrates, there tend to be even fewer terpenes.

Unlike flower, concentrates contain up to 85% cannabinoids like THC and are refined to contain as little leftover plant material or impurity as possible. However, the terpenes are not concentrated at the same rate. A standard gram of shatter, wax, or vape oil contains less than 1% terpenes.

Why? Because too many terpenes can do more harm than good. Terpenes are part of the reason we cough so much when we use cannabis or smoke concentrates. While more terpenes sound good for better flavors and effects, they can actually cause allergic reactions and lots of unpleasant coughing in bigger doses. A standard gram of live batter contains around 0.846% terps, while standard shatter sill contains closer to 0.803%.

Typically going over 1% in a gram of concentrates is a bad idea. If you're making your own vape cartridges, be sure to use our handy walkthrough on mixing and filling your own vape cartridges using terpenes.

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Ken Elliott
Ken Elliott
Nov 28, 2021

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