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Terpene Isolates 101: Ocimene

If you're just getting started with terpenes, odds are you're wondering how each isolate can be used. Terpene isolates can be used in hemp, CBD, and cannabis products as well as concentrates, vapes, foods, beverages, and aromatherapy infusions. In fact, adding terpenes to health and beauty products, cosmetics, vaporizers, foods and beverages, and aromatherapy infusions is a great way to add an extra boost of body-nourishing benefits to your products and make THC/CBD products more effective. This week, we're diving deeper into the energizing, sweet, woody, and herbaceous terpene known as Ocimene.

ocimene terpenes are found in many cannabis strains

Ocimene Isolate

Ocimene is one of the more common terpene isolates that make up the scent and flavor profiles of a variety of cannabis strains. It is a monoterpene found in a variety of plants, spices, flowers, and fruits that offer a sweet, woodsy scent. The name “Ocimene” comes from the greek word Ocimum, which means basil, though ocimene doesn’t offer a predominantly herbal flavor. Ocimene’s flavor is more similar to borneol terpenes, as it tends to be citrusy, fruity, floral, and woody. Some people may experience a metallic taste with Ocimene, though.

The unique smell and flavor of Ocimene terpenes makes it a popular addition to many antiperspirants, perfumes, fabric softeners, soaps, shampoos, and commercial cleaners. If you’ve ever used products like these with a forest or woodsy scent, there's a good chance they contained Ocimene terpenes. However, Ocimene’s herbaceous side can also be experienced if you’ve ever cooked with parsley or black pepper. Many candies, including mint and citrus candies, contain Ocimene terpenes, too.

Ocimene can also be found in a variety of natural insecticides, including orange and geranium essential oil, as it kills and repels aphids (and other pests) with ease. All in all, Ocimene terpenes may offer a variety of health and wellness benefits including energizing, uplifting mental effects. Just keep in mind that further study is needed to have concrete evidence of this terpenes' medical properties. With that in mind, always consult a doctor before beginning any dietary supplement, including one with terpenes, to rule out any personal complications.

Benefits of Ocimene Terpenes

Ocimene has been studied somewhat extensively due to its presence in cannabis. While further study is needed to fully solidify the findings, years of anecdotal evidence along with several professional studies conducted indicate the benefits that we outline below.

Ocimene, like most other terpenes, is slightly antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal. One study outlined Ocimene as an antiseptic agent. Adding Ocimene to other agents makes it more effective against yeast and mold than the other agents alone. An in vitro study was conducted on Ocimene terpenes against strains of viruses, including SARS-CoV, a coronavirus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome, and the herpes simplex virus. The results found that Ocimene displays an antiviral effect against these viruses. Human studies would need to be conducted to verify these results though.

orchid flowers contain ocimene terpenes

When taken internally, Ocimene has displayed a variety of beneficial effects for the body. For starters, evidence suggests that Ocimene is a potent anti-inflammatory agent as well as an antioxidant that promotes antifungal properties. More interestingly is that ocimene has shown potential as treatment for type 2 diabetes and hypertension. It inhibits the release of inflammation-causing enzymes and helps to modulate blood sugar levels and reduce oxidative stress. Ocimene also shows promise as an anticonvulsant, though this property is yet to be fully verified.

Ocimene also has a funny effect of making people cough. It’s considered a potent decongestant for this property that has been documented from cannabis strains containing ocimene as well as essential oils that are largely made up by ocimene terpenes. It may expel mucus from the lungs and clear the sinuses.

Other than that, Ocimene is also a powerful insecticide. Aphids hate the way it smells and will actively avoid cannabis strains high in ocimene terpenes. It can also be applied topically to tobacco, tomatoes, and other crops to prevent aphid infestations. Some evidence suggests that it can also repel mosquitos and other problematic insects.

Natural sources of Ocimene terpenes

Ocimene terpenes are found abundantly in many cannabis strains like Golden Goat, Green Crack, and Dream Queen. In fact, many Sativa strains contain ocimene as its second-most prevalent terpene. However, Ocimene can also be found naturally in a variety of woody, herbaceous, and fruity plants including mint, basil, parsley, tarragon, hops, kumquats, mango, orchids, and lavender.

natural sources of ocimene terpenes by peak supply co

TLDR; Ocimene Terpenes

  • Antibacterial

  • Antiviral

  • Antifungal

  • Antimicrobial

  • Antiseptic

  • Anticonvulsant

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Decongestant

  • Insecticide

  • Inhibits enzymes related to type 2 diabetes and hypertension

Common uses for Ocimene terpenes

Whether through your favorite fruits and herbs or through a diffuser, Ocimene isolate smells and tastes great and works wonders within your body.

Ocimene terpenes can be safely added to all sorts of products to reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, and help with a variety of other ailments. It can safely be eaten, drank, infused, and inhaled with a little bit of mixing. It can also be used to improve cannabis products like vapes and concentrates that may have lost cannabinoid potency or terpene content during extraction.

ocimene terpenes for sale by peak supply co

Add Ocimene terpenes to foods and beverages to enjoy the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidative properties within the whole body. A dash of water-soluble Ocimene terpenes in your favorite foods or beverages add a pleasant sweetness that can help to regulate your blood sugar levels and clear the sinuses.

Add Ocimene terpenes to essential oil diffusers and aromatherapy infusions to kill airborne bacteria, viruses, microbes, and fungal spores and help you breathe easier. The sweet and fresh herbal aroma is also great for promoting calm and energy.

Add Ocimene terpenes to cannabis concentrates and hemp oils made from strains with higher citrus/floral terpene content, such as Myrcene or Terpinolene, since Ocimene is often found as the second-most abundant terpene in a cannabis strain’s profile. Try it in products made from strains like Clementine, Strawberry Cough, and Amnesia. Ocimene terpenes can make them smell and taste better and boost the potency of THC/CBD effects.

Just keep in mind that not all terpenes are created equal. Different terpenes will always have different effects, but they're not all made the same. We know you have a choice when it comes to terpene providers, but no other choice comes close to our level of quality.

At Peak Supply Co, our Ocimene terpene isolates are extracted from all-natural food-grade fruit, flower, and nut oils in our state-of-the-art facility. With our proprietary extraction and refinement method, we remove plant materials and any leftover impurities, leaving behind the purest terpene isolates on the market. Best of all, we even offer sample packs so you can try them all.

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