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Which Terpenes Do What?

With hundreds of different terpene isolates out there, it can be a little tricky trying to determine how specific foods, scents, and cannabis strains will affect you. So which terpenes do what? Here's a brief rundown of the effects of a few of the most common terpenes as well as some terpene effects.

What terpenes do what? by Peak Supply Co

What terpenes do what?

There are over 120 terpenes found in cannabis, and many more found in other plants. Each one is responsible for the way a plant smells and tastes, but they also help with your mood and other health benefits since they are mildly psychoactive and can help reduce inflammation. Here's a glimpse into some of the top effects of the most common terpenes. Be sure to click the links in each section to read a more in-depth list of the uses and effects of each terpene.

Limonene — Limonene-rich plants are likely to be mood-elevating and increase serotonin levels. These terpenes are good for anxiety, depression, sour moods, energy, and as an anti-inflammatory. Limonene also reduces OCD-like behavior and can be found in citrus fruits and sativa-dominant hybrids.

Humulene — Humulene is found in cannabis, hops, and fresh herbs. It's good for pain relief, inflammation, boosting your immune system, and improving your breathing. Its relaxing effects are also great against anxiety and helping you get some sleep.

Linalool — Found frequently in lavender, daisies, violets, and orchids, Linalool is known for its calming and sleep-improving effects. It's also an anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving terpene that has a notable effect on stress, making it easier to manage depression, stress, anxiety, and burnout. Linalool is also great at helping relax muscles, suppress convulsions, defend nerve cells, and relax blood cells.

b-Caryophylleneb-Caryophyllene is a relaxing, sedating terpene which also interacts with the body similar to cannabinoids via receptors in the endocannabinoid system, boosting its potential effects and therapeutic applications. These terpenes are neuroprotective, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory. Found in black pepper, cloves, and star anise, it's often used to treat IBS, Irritable Bowel Disease, Parkinsons, Dementia, and Anxiety and Depression.

What terpenes do what? by Peak Supply Co

Ocimene — Ocimene is an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-tumor terpene found in cannabis, mangoes, orchids, and kumquats. It offers a mellow, energizing effect and a candy-like sweetness that can help elevate moods and reduce stress. Ocimene is also used in seizure-related conditions like epilepsy and can help with type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

PinenePinene is an uplifting, energizing, and focusing terpene found in cannabis and pine trees. It is the most abundant terpene on earth and is good for pain, anxiety, relaxing muscles, and reducing pain. It can also help with short-term memory loss, dementia, arthritis, asthma, and even cancer.

Myrcene - Myrcene is the most common Terpene and it increases cell permeability - allowing cannabinoids and other drugs to be absorbed faster than on its own. It is highly sedative and relaxing thanks to its metallic, earthy scent and is good for pain, reducing anxiety, and relaxing muscles. It can be used to treat Multiple Sclerosis, insomnia, arthritis, inflammation, and pain relief.

Terpinolene — Terpinolene is found in fresh fruits like apples, cannabis, herbs, and lilacs. It's good for hypertension, pain, reducing anxiety, and soothing depression. It's also a potent sedative, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory. Studies suggest that Terpinolene could someday make its way into commercial anti-insomnia medications for its potent sedative effects.

Best terpenes for depression

If you're looking for a break from depression, try these terpenes:

  1. Linalool

  2. b-Caryophyllene

  3. b-Pinene

  4. Limonene

  5. Myrcene

Best terpenes for sleep

If you're looking to use terpenes to help you sleep better, try these terpenes:

  1. Myrcene

  2. b-Caryophyllene

  3. Linalool

  4. Nerolidol

  5. Terpinolene

Best terpenes for anxiety

If you need a break from acute anxiety, try these terpenes:

  1. Limonene

  2. Myrcene

  3. b-Caryophyllene

  4. Linalool

  5. Pinene

What terpenes do what? by Peak Supply Co

Best terpenes for a positive mood

If you're looking for a few feel-good terpenes, try these terpenes for a good laugh:

  1. Myrcene

  2. Limonene

  3. Pinene

  4. Ocimene

  5. b-Caryophyllene

Best terpenes for energy

  1. Terpineol

  2. Limonene

  3. Pinene

  4. b-Caryophyllene

  5. Valencene

Best terpenes for focus

  1. Pinene

  2. Limonene

  3. b-Caryophyllene

  4. Linalool

  5. Humulene

At the end of the day, there are hundreds of different terpenes out there. The concentrations of terpenes in different profiles can help determine how you will feel and what kind of effects you'll get when you use terpenes in your own formulations or find them in cannabis. If you're looking for specific effects, stick with the terpenes we mentioned above.

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