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Buy premade Cannabis packaging, Equipment, and supplies online. Our packaging exchange is the perfect place for companies to liquidate discontinued styles of packaging, packaging overstock, and clearance styles. Don't wait months for packaging to arrive from China, buy cannabis packaging from a USA local company today. Looking to liquidate your cartridges, packaging, bottles, and jars? Sign up today to begin listing your products upon approval! 


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Our Packaging Exchange is a great way to buy and sell hemp and cannabis-related packaging, equipment, and supplies. Easily sell your cannabis packaging online by submitting your overstock, equipment, accessories,

& packaging supplies you may have left over from over-ordering, new packaging designs, miss-orders, discontinued products or from going out of business and liquidations. In order to submit your product for the Packaging Exchange, please fill out the form below after reading our Packaging Exchange Rules & Requirements.

Buy and Sell Cannabis Packaging: Rules & Requirements


Cannabis/Hemp Packaging Sellers:


1.) All products should be in a resellable condition, although some products may be sold "as is" any product listed should not be damaged. If a product still has value but is damaged in any way, it must be disclosed in the product description.

2.) If any portion or piece is missing from a product or set of products it must be disclosed in the product description. 

3.) You are NOT allowed to sell THC or CBD products. Any attempt to list these products will be REJECTED. This exchange is for Cannabis and Hemp related packaging, Supplies and Equipment ONLY.

4.) All orders must be shipped within 3 business days(72 hours) from the time of purchase. For this reason, we encourage you to drop off/ship your product(s) to our warehouse and take advantage of our fulfillment services. 


If you are unable to drop off or ship your product(s) to our warehouse, you are responsible for shipping the order

on time. Once the item is sold, you will receive a notification to ship the product(s). Once the delivery has been completed, your payment will be released via Bank Wire or Paypal Payment.

5.) If you dropped off your products at our warehouse, and your products have not been sold after 30 days, you must return and pick up your products or call to extend for another 30 days. Any products left after 14 days will be considered abandoned. Please pick up your unsold products.

6.) Please check your products for quality and accuracy before submitting,

Cannabis/Hemp Packaging Buyers:


1.) All packages must be signed for.

2.) All sales are final but are ultimately up to the discretion of the seller. 

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DISCLAIMER: The Products here are listed by individuals and companies. These products are not Peak Supply Co products and are not covered by our Peak Performance guarantee. All listed products and their sellers must go through the vetting process which includes providing pictures of the available products which will be listed with each product. While we will try to remedy any issues regarding quality, quantity, and accuracy between the buyer and the seller please note that we have no obligation to reach an amicable agreeable solution for said buyer and/or seller. Any products purchased from this page are non-refundable.