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Our craft strain specific terpene profiles are only made in small batches and are heavily scrutinized for irregularities. From harvest to extraction we put all of our love and absolute care to ensure you can feel the same about your product. We take pride in our strain profiles from the moment we mix to the moment you get them. Our process includes testing real flower at a certified lab, recreating the essence of that flower in our lab, and testing that formulation against fresh flower. Any profile that doesn't make the cut, doesn't get sold. Before you buy terpenes please review our large selection of sweet terpenes, fruit-flavored terpenes and custom terpenes. 

Bulk and Wholesale Strain Specific Terpenes​

Our premixed strains are formulated using 100% botanical, cannabis, and hemp terpenes only. No cuts, no fillers, and 0% MCT oil. Our high concentration pure terpene strains allow you to add your desired level of diluent on your own terms. Don't fall for companies offering low prices on cut terpenes. Dilute our strain profiles yourself with a diluent of your choice and never miss a sale due to the inclusion of MCT in your blends. Try adding our strain-specific terp profiles into aromatherapy, skin care products, CBD/THC tinctures, food, beverages and more!

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