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These small-batch sweet terpene profiles are more than just the most delicious versions of your favorite strains. Our sweet terpene selection features terpene enhanced smells and flavors that are sure to leave your customers excited and coming back for more again & again. 


By combining our meticulously formulated strain profiles with Chef created artisan flavors we've developed a whole new line of all-natural organic strain profiles that will shock-and-wow to the last drop. Not only will you be able to offer your clientele something sweet, new and exciting but your brand will become something they crave for life!

Buy Sweet Terpenes

Why buy our sweet strains? Not only do the many millions new to the world of extracts products prefer sweeter strains but 100% of users love delicious treats! While our premixed sweet strains offer a great intro to your top products, they are quickly becoming the favorites for anyone who tries them. Additionally, these blends still offer all the wonderful health benefits and effects of our 100% terpene strain profiles. It's a win-win! Don't fall for companies offering synthetic terpenes and chemically derived flavors. Skip the headaches and possible health risks by using our 100% Plant-based, Natural and Organic sweet terps. If you don't like to skip dessert, then why would you start now?

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