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Canada Terpenes

With a newly developing and booming cannabis industry in Canada, the need for safe and effective terpene products is on the rise. As more and more cannabis companies and extraction specialists emerge, the need to produce better, more flavorful products that work as intended and can compete with the big guys has increased tenfold. That's where Peak Terpenes comes in. The uses for terpenes are virtually endless, and at Peak Terpenes, we have an extensive selection of products, regardless of what you want to use them for.

Buy Peak Supply Co Terpenes & Products Online - Quick Shipping to Canada 

Peak Terpenes offers the largest selection anywhere online in both individual sizes as well as large-scale B2B wholesale and bulk sizes. All of our products come guaranteed against any defects or damages that occur during shipping. Additionally, we extend our Peak Performance Guarantee, which is our promise that everything you receive from us tastes great and works as intended or your money back. 


Our products typically ship within 1-2 business days, though custom terpene profiles items out of stock at checkout may take extra time to deliver. The average shipping time to Canada once a package has left California is 3-4 days. 


Our packages are sealed in heavy-duty smell-proof packaging that won’t attract any unwanted attention and are insured. Expedited shipping is also available upon request. We ship anywhere in the world using DHL Express.

Canada Terpene Distribution & Franchise Opportunties

Canada has been one of the largest sales destinations for Peak Supply Co products outside the USA.


We are looking for the right distribution partner or potential franchise opportunities in Canada.


Email for distribution or franchise opportunities. 

Retail/Wholesale Openings For Peak Supply Co. Products in Canada

Canada is a brand new market for terpenes in a lot of different ways. For one thing, many people in this new cannabis industry are simply not aware of all the opportunities to use terpenes. 


By becoming one of our retail, white-label, wholesale, drop ship, or affiliate partners, we’re extending our success to you. Peak Terpenes offers a way for Canadian retailers and wholesalers to have a leg up in the industry. In a space where getting involved before market saturation hits its peak, it is critical to capitalize on any opportunity that offers some of the most aggressive prices in the industry. 


Best of all, our products are the best in the industry at the lowest price point. If you are interested in retail and wholesale opportunities to sell Peak Supply products in Canada, be sure to check below for opportunities in your area. If you don’t see your city, get in touch with us directly. 

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