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The health benefits of terpenes are making a splash in just about every industry these days. They add better aromas and flavors to foods and beverages, improve skincare products with anti-bacterial properties, promote a positive, energized, relaxed, or uplifted mental attitude when inhaled, and can even boost the effectiveness of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Here are some common ways terpenes can be infused with ordinary products to create better flavors and more potent effects: 

What is a terpene infusion?


Terpene infusions are ordinary products with additional terpenes added. You can infuse terpenes with just about anything, including foods and beverages, cannabis products, cosmetics, and aromatherapy mediums like candles and incense. 


Terpene infusions are often more flavorful and potent than products that don't contain natural terpenes. You can think of terpenes like essential oils. Much like essential oils, terpenes promote their own benefits (such as anti-inflammatory or anti-bacterial properties) and improve scents, flavors, and physical or mental effects. 

How do terpenes improve your products?


For one thing, terpenes can boost the effectiveness of other naturally-occurring chemical compounds found in plants. This is a direct result of the Entourage Effect, which is a phenomenon that shows how plant compounds work together in harmony to promote specific health benefits or effects. Some examples of compounds affected by the entourage effect include cannabinoids, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. 


Terpenes also improve things like aromatherapy, skin care products, foods, beverages, cannabis extracts, and vapes. Terpenes are naturally-occurring compounds found in all plants and even some insects that give each plant (or bug) a unique flavor and odor profile. Some are sweet, some are savory, some are spicy, and some are bitter. Others smell floral, fruity, sweet, or earthy. Here's how terpenes are improving infusions in different industries: 



  • Improve the quality of concentrates like wax, shatter, or rosin.

  • Improve the flavors and effects of single-strain vape cartridges 

  • Helps cannabinoids to be more effective (Entourage effect) 

  • Makes CBD oil taste better and work more efficiently 



  • Improve flavors 

  • Promote new and unique effects 

  • Boost mood 

  • Make vitamins, minerals, fiber, and some fatty acids more effective 



  • Terpenes can be blended with cocktails to counteract the depressive effects caused by alcohol

  • Improves flavor and adds additional health benefits or wellness effects 

  • Easy to use: a few drops in a bottle of water and you have lasting physical and mental effects for the rest of the day



  • Many terpenes can be inhaled to promote different physical and mental effects 

  • Boost mood with calming, energizing, sedative, uplifting, and refreshing effects

  • Terpenes work just like essential oils in oil diffusers 

  • Improve blood circulation and clear the airways 


Skincare and cosmetics

  • Many terpenes are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, making them a great addition to topical skin products to help combat acne. 

  • Some terpenes can relieve localized pain when added to lotions or salves

  • Improve the way beauty products smell 

  • Improve the mental effects of calming, energizing, and relaxing creams. 


All in all, infusing terpenes with just about anything can promote stronger health benefits and improved flavors, odors, and potency. 




First thing's first: Safety. To infuse terpenes safely, you'll need to know the general rule of thumb for dilution when it comes to different products. Remember, if you're ingesting terpenes with foods or beverages you must use water-soluble terpenes. Natural terpene extracts are often volatile and caustic and are not safe to consume on their own. If you have any questions, be sure to get in touch with Peak Supply Co!  


Diluting terpenes with food: 1-4 drops per 8 oz. 

Diluting terpenes with beverages: 1-4 drops per 8 oz liquid. 

Diluting terpenes with concentrates for vaping: Dilute concentrates with 5-10% terpenes or use 1-2 drops per 1g cartridge. 

Diluting terpenes with water for aromatherapy: Use 10-15 drops per 8 oz of water

Diluting terpenes with lotions and skin products: Use 3-5 drops per 8 oz of product

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