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White-Label Terpenes

Looking to start your own terpene brand? We are the only company with the experience, products, and tools to take your white-label terpene project from concept to reality. With the terpene industry growing exponentially, there is plenty of opportunity for new start-ups and ambitious Entrepreneurs to create a successful top tier brand. Some of our white-label clients have grown to over 5 figure sales per month in under 3 months with minimal overhead, staff, and/or sales experience. When we say our product sells itself we mean it. Here at Peak Supply Co, we can offer top tier Design Services, Product Formulation, Award-winning products, and quick turn around times for all white-label partners. No matter what your concept is or what strain selection you want to achieve, we can do it all. In addition to an amazing product line, we offer all white-label clients access to helpful tools, documents, and graphics rebranded for your company, to get you to your first sale as quickly as possible. With uses for terpenes growing daily, we are confident in this industry's ability to hit the mainstream, unlocking the door for big brand sales and new infused products. Start your White-label Terpene Company today by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.


White-Label Partner Benefits


Low Overhead:

With our support, your operation can easily be a 1-2 person business with little to no overhead. Products come ready for store shelves and ready to ship so all you will need is the time and the ability to sell your products. 1-2 person operations can yield and sustain huge returns for months or even years before needing to hire additional staff. As our company will be an extension of yours, you will have access to an abundance of helpful tools and resources making scaling as easy as possible.

Amazing Products:

Enjoy the same vast selection of awesome products that have helped us achieve and maintain an amazing +70% repeat buy ratio. Pick a selection of starting products and easily rotate in new ones, whenever you want, as your business grows or as needed. As a white-label partner, you will be the first to have access to our new and exciting products, often even before they are launched in our own online store.


Design Services:
Our elite design team will walk you through the label design, templating, and production process to help you create the brand of your dreams. Once your branding and designs are complete, we will manufacture your labels and keep them in stock for future use. No need to worry about creating new product labels or boxes when you want to offer a new product, just give us a shout and we will create new designs for you.

Beautiful Graphics & Content:

Content is king but, not everyone knows how to create it effectively or even has the time to. Our content and content strategy is proven to drive sales and increase customer interest. With access to social/web graphics, product shots, videos, written content, and informational material we take the headache out of content creation and promotion. Get anything and everything content-related that you need adorned with your logo and branding making your project a turn-key business with no time wasted on creating amazing content.

Top-Shelf Sales Material:

Access to Sales material, Invoice Templates, Suggested Price Break Downs and Promo Sheets all branded with your company logo. Easily begin making sales and launching promotions with our in-depth sales bundle filled with helpful templates and tools for getting your white-label Terpene project started. 

Hot Sales Leads:

Access to a sales lead list with thousands and thousands of vetted Hot Leads so you can get to your first sale as quickly as possible. Who does that? We do. Because we are looking for TRUE long-term Partners we want to offer as much support as possible. There is an unlimited amount of companies interested in terpenes in and outside of the Cannabis and Hemp Space with more popping up every day. So much in fact, that we could not possibly service them all or even reach out to them. It is a blessing and we are happy to share it because when you win, we all win.

Top Tier Customer Support:

Perhaps the most valuable, we will be a constant resource as you learn the dos and don'ts of selling terpenes. Terpenes as an industry is still very young. On the plus side, starting a terpene business now means that you could be a part of the small group of companies founding the industry. The downside is, there will always be a lot of education needed when working with clients and general consumers. As the leading terpene experts in this industry, you can have faith in knowing that we will always be available to answer any questions and offer as much post-purchase support as possible.


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