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A lot of companies get stuck buying premixed terpene profiles that often end up tasting and smelling nothing like the strain they are meant to emulate. Here at Peak Supply Co, our mission is to break away from the cookie cutter strain mixes that everyone uses. We bring unique flavors based on cultivators and their unique creations. We believe that no two phenotypes taste the same and no two cultivators produce the same product even if they have used the same strain. Your products should reflect your uniqueness and showcase the flavors you have worked so hard to create. We encourage you to explore and experiment with the world of possibilities when it comes to creating custom strain profiles.

Send in your Terpene Profile

Get a terpene test from an accredited lab for the strain you would like to recreate and mail us your test results. Only a terpene test is needed. Tests for potency, pesticides and other contaminates are not needed for us to complete your order.

Kick back and Relax

Our unique process allows us to deconstruct your strains terpene profile and reconstruct it in pure terpene form for you to use for anything. In less than a week we will recreate your custom strain to our strict standards based on the terpene profile you have sent in and ship your order straight to your door.

Test out your new flavors!

Your order has now arrived and you are ready to test it out! Try mixing your terpenes in Vape pens, Candles, Food or anything else you want to add a little terpyness to!

Ready to get your Custom Strain?

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