If you spend a lot of time around the industry, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with terps. Terpenes give taste and smell to the flower or plant, but they’re also partly responsible for the effects. While there are lots of terpene blends and isolates out there, there’s been a demand in the market for Premium Full Spectrum Live Terpenes to help improve products and strain-specific concentrates. Connoisseurs blends for the people who are looking to set their products apart from the standard industry terpene blends. Our Full Spectrum Live Terpene line is unlike any other terpene product on the market and best suited for those with premium tastes.

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What are Live Terpenes?

Terpenes are the naturally occurring chemical compounds found in all plants and some insects. They’re responsible for the way plants smell and taste but also come along with their own set of therapeutic properties that have been used in holistic medicine for thousands of years. 


Many terpenes are extracted from already-harvested plants, in which case, some of them dissipate or get destroyed with exposure to things like oxygen and heat. However, plant materials that are flash-frozen shortly after harvest retain their terpenes at a much higher rate than plants that aren’t flash-frozen or are left to dry. 


If you look to the industry, you’ll notice a higher demand (and price!) for products with “live” in the name. Think Live Resin or Live Rosin. To make these products, they must be extracted or squeezed while the terpenes are still living and fresh to help promote the best flavors and effects. 


Since terpenes boost the effectiveness of cannabinoids like THC/CBD in a phenomenon known as the entourage effect, the more terpenes that can be retained in the initial process of extracting or concentrating makes for more potent and more flavorful products. 


That’s where live terpenes come in. Collecting the full spectrum of terpenes found in plants like cannabis or hemp allows people to make more fragrant and flavorful products that feel more potent. It also allows people to include the full spectrum of terpenes found in the plant since none were lost to things like oxygen or heat. 

Why are Full Spectrum Live Terpenes More Potent Than Terpene Isolates? 

Since live terpenes are harvested from flash-frozen plant materials, the structural integrity of the strain’s full spectrum of over 100+ terpenes and terpenoids are preserved, allowing for more potent, flavorful, and fragrant terpene blends. 


Most other terpene blends are developed using cured cannabis or other dried plant materials. In this case, many of the truest impressions of the strain are lost to the elements, creating a lackluster flavor and aroma that doesn’t fully represent everything that makes a strain what it is. 


In short, full-spectrum live terpenes allow processors and extractors to make infusions and extracts that truly represent how a strain smells or tastes. Best of all, full-spectrum terpenes are responsible for many of the effects felt by cannabis, so the more the merrier. 




Our full-spectrum live terpenes are specially formulated from the best flash-frozen strains found here in Cali. These terpene blends encapsulate the exact amounts of each terpene isolate found in the full spectrum of terpenes found in the fresh frozen strains. At Peak Supply Co, we’ve captured the true essence of the best strains Cali has to offer, including favorites like SFV OG and hype strains like Cereal Milk. Our full-spectrum, live terpene blends taste just like the real thing and make a great addition to strain-specific products as well as your own infusions. 



Our proprietary live terpene blends are made using the full spectrum of terpenes found in your favorite real Cali strains. They make a great addition to anything that needs a scent or flavor boost as well as other topicals, tinctures, aromatherapy and other infusions made with specific strains. These strains are hands down the most accurate representation of these blends in the entire terpene industry second to none.