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Cure-Egg Terpene Infuser

Cure-Egg Terpene Infuser


Our manufacturing facility has been upgraded! Enjoy all new pricing and savings!


Cure-Egg Rapid Rehydration and Terpene infuser for Cannabis and Hemp Flower


Do you have flower you can't sell because it has no nose? Is your flower dry and crumbly? Bring your flower back to life along with your profit margins! Rapidly rehydrate and infuse your flower  with terpenes in as little as 24 hours. Easy to use terpene infuser turns old, dry, and bland smelling flower into fluffy and potent smelling herb with little effort. 


  • Easy to use
  • Rapid Rehydration
  • Terpene Restoration
  • Gentle on Buds
  • Food grade plastic
  • All natural ingredients
  • Contains Full Spectrum Live Terpenes
  • Contactless Terpene infusion
  • International Patent pending formula and design
  • Huge Profile Selection




  1. Twist open your Cure-Egg
  2. Drop your Cure-Egg and flower into an air-tight Container
  3. Remove the Cure-Egg after 24-72 hours or up to 1 week
  4. Enjoy your terpy flower


We recommend using an air tight container stored at room Temperature (75°) for best results.

This product contains LIVE TEPRENES and should be stored at 40° or below for peak performance.

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